A Century of Women’s Political Power

A Century of Women’s Political Power

A Documentary in the making

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Just the Beginning

A feature length documentary film exploring the past, present and future of women’s political power through the lens of the 100-year history of the League of Women Voters (LWV) and allied groups. In 1920, winning the right to vote with the ratification of the 19th amendment to the Constitution was just the beginning for women as agents of political power. These are the hidden stories of what came next and what’s at stake today.

Expected Release: 2020


Just the Beginning

Why It Matters

Today, many Americans are fed up with the partisanship and gridlock in politics, which constrain the implementation of practical solutions to problems that affect them every day. Discouraged and frustrated by the slow pace of progress on issues they care about, people are looking for models of hope and ways to work together to solve problems and strengthen communities--a way to form that “more perfect union” promised by our founders. The economy, education, health care, the environment, and many other issues, each call for creative ideas and thoughtful action to create meaningful change. Just The Beginning seeks to explore how women’s political action, passion, and power (which is only now being felt and realized) can shape the future and drive solutions to the problems facing America.


Suffrage PIcket

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WOmen's March



The League of Women Voters stood among the throngs at the historic Women’s March


Votes for Women

It took more than 70 years of activism for women to gain national suffrage in the U.S.

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WOmen's March 2017

The Women’s March of 2017 brought women and men together to protect equal rights

We shall some day be heeded... everybody will think it was always so, just exactly as many young people think that all the privileges, all the freedom, all the enjoyments which woman now possesses always were hers. They have no idea of how every single inch of ground that she stands upon today has been gained by the hard work of some little handful of women of the past.
— Susan B. Anthony

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We are seeking grassroots support to help cover production costs, including crew, equipment, research, archival images & footage, travel, etc.

Be part of a project that celebrates women’s political power today, reveals the hidden stories of 100 years of women exercising their power since winning the right to vote, and inspires everyone to use their power, get involved, and make a difference on issues they care about.


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When it comes to women exercising political power, each and every one of us has a story to tell. Whether you are a member of the League of Women Voters or an allied group or simply seeking ways to make a difference on issues you care about, we want to hear your story.


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